Dennis Asberg

Dennis ├ůsberg

My goal is to find historic ship wrecks, but also to present the truth that I find without any bias.


The truth as I see it is that the oceans have swallowed a lot of history that is somewhat known and some history that is not yet known. I would like the ability to find and present this to you unbiased with the main belief that our environment, oceans, seas and waters are very important to protect not only while searching for ship wreaks but at all times.


I want to find and disclose environmentally dangerous shipwrecks which are slowly rusting away and which we would like to eventually be able to bring up their cargo of fuel or toxic chemicals and make these wreaks safe for people, marine life, and the environment again.


We have dangerous ship wreaks in the waters here in Sweden that are slowly rusting out which will eventually spill out their toxic chemicals into the environment. This problem is unfortunately a worldwide problem with many ship tankers and other ship wreaks from WW2 and recent history which sank carrying huge amounts of fuel and chemicals. These ship wreaks are slowly rusting away and will continue to rust out in the salt water which they rest. At some point in the near future these toxic cargos will ultimately leak out spilling out the fuel or chemicals into the environment that these ships were carrying when they went down. There are ship wreaks like this resting at the bottom all across the world, and believe me there are many.


I love the oceans and seas, and I would like to protect them for future generations. With our equipment, drive for this and existing and future expeditions out at sea we should be able to reveal a lot more in the future.

Everything we do will be filmed and documented.